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Understanding the know-hows of Adulthood

A lot of things we go through in our 20s confuse us. Our first heartbreak, first job, or moving out of the house is confusing.

After successfully going through the quarter-life phase, I am at the age of continuous exploration, but also looking to settle. I realized that adulting isn’t a walk in the park because we go through it without knowing a single thing! Just theories and a bunch of reminders from our parents. But the truth is, we are little kids sitting in confusion and saying to ourselves, “What the heck am I supposed to do?”

Overwhelming right? Especially when big events in our lives happen altogether! And with that, I wanted to know how Joyce Pring-Triviño navigated her way through adulthood, now that she’s a full-time career woman and a full-time momma.

How did Joyce embrace adulthood gracefully?

  1. Know priorities- When we know the things we should say yes and no to, it’s easier to function. Knowing what should come first and what things we shouldn’t give our attention to can help in saving our energy for the things that truly matter.

  2. Graceful because it’s grace-filled- Adulting is hard, but it’s bearable when we know our Anchor, our Source of strength, and our Provider. It’s a grace-filled journey and that’s why it looks graceful.

  3. Set long-term goals- Aside from knowing our priorities, we must also set long-term goals and work around these.

  4. Have a strong support system- To laugh and cry with the people close to us is therapeutic. Our support system will really be everything—our family, friends, and our significant other.

  5. Try everything- Live life with no regrets! When we decide to settle and maybe build a family, there will be a lot of trade-offs. Before we decide to do so, try everything and see what works!

These lessons are the fundamentals to having an easier adulting stage, and these tips will surely help me now that I am slowly transitioning to that “wanting to settle” phase.

A little update, I recently bought a condo and moved out after living with my parents all my life. Big girl pants on because I am completely by myself.

It’s an interesting feeling of solitude and peace, but I also get scared for this drastic change in my life. But I get reminded that adulting is all about changing. And change is inevitable!

The discomfort of change might be our stepping stone for growth.

Use change to grow yourself. Embrace it.

Along with the changes we might go through throughout our adulting life, the unsure days also hits us from time to time. Moments where we sulk and try to get our life together? That is THAT day. It’s depressing to do everything on our own and be fully responsible for ourselves. Often, we hit roadblocks and dead ends and all we can do is start over again.

If things are not working out, look at that rejection as your redirection. You are meant for something greater.

So how can we deal with this feeling?

  1. Let’s process our feelings. Writing down, speaking it out, or taking time to think about it can help us in identifying or naming what we feel.

  2. Seek professional help.

  3. Take breaks. We shouldn’t wait for our burned-out peak before we choose to take care of our mental health.

Adulting sure is a tough road, so we gotta get tougher. If you want to listen to the full episode, listen here and don’t forget to follow Quarter-Life Bliss!

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