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QLB S4 E2: "Deserve ko ba to?" Understanding Money Guilt

"Deserve ko ba to?" is our usual question whenever we want to purchase something.

Iniisip mo, "am I deserving of spending so much for myself?"

Written by : Christel Barba

It is common for people to feel guilty about spending money or even receiving it. And this feeling is inevitable, but it is not impossible to reduce it and feel good about managing your money.

In this episode, we will discuss how we experience and handle money guilt as we turn the scarcity mindset into an abundant one.

It's a negative feeling around money whether you are giving or receiving- parang di mo deserve yan.

If hindi ka aware na meron kang money guilt, somehow nabloblock niya yung money to come to you. - Bestie Gold

Money is energy so if you have a negative energy around money, like guilt, mahihirapan din yung money na bumalik sayo or even if you have it, mahihirapan kang ikeep yun like overspending. - Bestie Yani

Is money guilt also related to your fears & worries - Kaya ko ba tong kitain ulet?

It is not healthy and could be a cause of financial stress.

2 Types of Money Guilt:

1. Receiving

When we receive money from closing big deals, clients paying us for our services/products, or having partnerships with brands, we have this feeling of "deserve ko ba to?"

2. Giving

When we spend the money we earn, we tend to feel guilty before checking out our add-to-cart orders or after we swipe our credit card. That's why many rationalize their spending to remove the guilt.

Where do we get Money Guilt?

1. Verbal Conditioning

- What you hear about money growing up becomes part of your subconscious.

With bestie Yani, one of the triggers/traumas for her growing up was being raised by a single mom who would always tell her, "mahirap kitain ang pera". That's why she feels that she doesn't deserve to earn money easily because it was instilled in her that she should work hard for it before having it. So when she makes money easily, she feels the need to do something or give it back away simply because she didn't have it the hard way.

While with bestie Gold, his parents would always tell him that "kapag ang pera nabaryahan, madali na mauubos".

Be mindful of what your family and community hears because that will be part of your money belief. Also, be aware of catching yourself based on what your subconscious is telling you. If you're functioning in a negative belief, catch yourself and reframe it.

2. Theory of Space

- How the people surrounding you influence your money belief, whether in your home, school, church, or community.

Here are some tips to confidently charge for your services/products:

  • Be Excellent & Irreplaceable with what you do.

If you know in yourself that you've done your best and you're irreplaceable in what you do, then you won't feel the shame in charging a high price.

-Bestie Gold

  • Be Responsible for your finances.

Make sure you are responsible enough to secure the important funds and be clear with your vision and money intentions.

  • Take care of the Source

You are a money-making- machine. And if it's not happy, then it will stop. So learn also to have fun!

"If you are not taking care of yourself, then pano ka pa gaganahan to make more.?

So let go of that money guilt! Yes, you also deserve to treat yourself while managing your finances responsibly.

Love, Bestie Yani and Bestie Gold

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