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3 Types of Investments To Look Into If You're
Only A Beginner

According to Coach Yani, in simplest terms, "Investing is basically growing your savings by acquiring assets or shares." When you invest, the ultimate goal is to generate income from profit, interest, dividends, or gains…

Cosmopolitan PH
Cosmopolitan PH

What's The Difference Between Credit and
Debit Cards?

In simplest terms, Coach Yani Moya describes a credit card as "money that is technically borrowed from a bank." Each credit card has different limits, and it all depends on the person's approved bank limit…

Establishing your
financial planning expertise
to build credibility and trust with prospects

“I’ve been building my brand online as a financial coach through social media. Through this initiative, prospects have been reaching out to me on my platforms,” Yani Moya, a first-time MDRT member with a wide following on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, said

MDRT Article

Being Financially Stable Is Not Enough. Make Your Money Work For You By Developing These 5 Habits

In an interview with, Financial Coach and Founder of Peridot Consulting, Yani Moya, says that financial freedom is a state where you are free to choose a product or service without having to worry about the monetary cost.

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