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QLB Season 3: A rollercoaster ride

Can you believe it? Kasi ako hindi pa rin! We're already down to three seasons of Quarter-Life Bliss and I just want to take this time to reminisce and appreciate all that has been.

I started doing podcast without overthinking where I want it to be in the following years. But, with my hopes for the best and with the universe's ways, I met my co-host before starting the third season.

Sarah Carlos was my guest in the second season with TWO episodes. Yup, dalawa talaga. We loved how we connected easily and people also liked how our energies were on the same frequency. So, I invited her to join me in conquering the microphone.

That's when it started.

We became besties off-cam and on-cam!

Because quarter-life bliss was all about turning quarter-life crises into something good and blissful, we both decided to do something different for Season 3.

Finance was on our top-of-mind idea but we figured that it can be too boring and dull. BUT with both of our hyper personality, we went with that idea with a little twist.

We made finance talks more friendly and unprejudiced because we want everyone to relate and to talk about money issues without the stigma. I guess we successfully made it work ;)

In our episodes, we normalized money conversations, cancelled the cancel culture, talked about our shopping behavior, shared some debt strategies, and a lot lot more.

Grabe, it's really been a rollercoaster ride. Not just for the emotions, but for our ranking in the Spotify charts! Yes besties, you all made it happen.

The highest we've been in the chart is the 98th spot. That's a major achievement and the Quarter-Life Bliss family wants to thank you for it.

This is just the start because we don't plan to stop. Season 4 will come soon!

In the meantime, you can go ahead and follow us on our social media accounts and even join our Facebook group so we can chitchat there.

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