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Money Beliefs We Should Start to Let Go of This Year

Almost halfway through the year 2022, kumusta ang new year’s resolution na sinulat niyo?

Nasimulan mo na ba? If not, then it’s not too late to write one now.

One of the top resolutions we must all focus on is resolving the negative money beliefs we have. Our finances take up most of our lives and we should take our relationship with money to the next level!

So, what are money beliefs?

Money beliefs are beliefs that are engraved in our subconscious and affect our money decisions in the present. Positive ones breed good results and allow us to live in abundance, but negative ones are those that might cause our financial mishaps.

Money is a mindset game. That’s why here are some beliefs that we should let go of this year.

1. It’s hard to earn money- This belief is a double-edged sword. It allows us to be smart and wiser when spending money because of our belief that it’s hard to earn it, but it negatively affects our mindset because we will always think that there are limited resources or that we aren’t capable of having a lot of money. In reality, money is everywhere. It is easy to earn it.

2. Money is evil- Money is not evil, it’s how we use it and how we change because of it that makes it evil. It simply is a tool we use to either do good or bad. This belief is widely believed because of how the media portrayed rich people. The bida is always the poor one and the kontrabida is always the rich one. But, whatever your economical status is, you can be a good person or a bad one.

Money doesn’t change people. It only brings out the true colors of people.

3. I can’t afford this- This becomes a limiting belief when we say it all the time because it makes us think that we really won’t be able to buy things we want. Instead of saying that we can’t afford it, let’s ask ourselves HOW we can afford it.

Our financial goals must include changing our negative beliefs into positive ones. It’s a lot easier to attract and manifest abundance if we focus on rewiring our minds first.

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Love, Bestie Yani and Bestie Sarah

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