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The Unexplored Side of Gaming

Gaming back then is avoided because of how it looks impossible to even see something good in it—it’s a taboo topic, and we all know that. But one thing that we can all relate to when it comes to the virtual world of gaming is that it is no different from the real world. Both have us as the main character who’s trying to win through every mission and conquer it all. Life is the biggest game we play!

What does gaming teach us?

1. Budgeting- Finance, and gaming have never been this relatable. Although they are on the opposite sides of the world, we can learn budgeting through games! When buying skills and characters, we have to be smarter in making decisions on where we should spend our money on. We have to also prioritize the skills that we need in the game and the right character would help us with it. Similarly, in life, we have to know where our money goes and how worthy is it of our spending.

2. Dealing with trade-offs- In games and life, we will experience choosing one thing over the other. This takes sacrifice and a lot of deep thinking to know what matters most for us. Is this character more important than that one? Is walking my way to work more important than spending on a cab? It's all about using our power to choose wisely.

3. Delayed gratification- Games have this unusual way of teaching us delayed gratification. For example, a character will be unlocked in 24 hours, but if you pay Php500, you can unlock it right away. If you want to save money, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow; this is exactly what delayed gratification means in games which can still be applied in life. Are you willing to wait to save your money? Or will you spend your Php500; it's still you who can choose what you should do.

In winning battles, you need to differentiate the battles that you WANT to win and the battles that you HAVE to win.

This reminder from a certified gamer and streamer Sarah Carlos tells us that in games and life, there are battles that we will encounter. These battles make or break us, and aside from the skills mentioned above, there are more secret tips that she shared to help us win our life’s battles. 1. Know what battles are worth fighting for- We have to understand what battles are we going to fight and what battles should we avoid. This helps us know if it’s just our minds telling us that we have to do something we don’t need or want to do. If we’re faced with problems to overcome, it’s either we want to fight it, we have to fight it because of social pressure and our ego. Being critical of the battles we want to fight will help us win it easier.

2. Learn from those who have won that kind of battle first- There’s no better strategy to win than to learn from those who have done and won it first. Plan- If you’re the first person to do it, like building a business from scratch, the have a plan. Be prepared for the best and worst-case scenarios. Have a Plan A, B, and C.

3. Surround yourself with people who inspire you- Be with people who help you become the best and support you in your ups and downs. If you want to succeed in this game called life, treat it exactly like a game; Strategize, be critical, and savor your success. Learn more about gaming and life in this episode of Quarter-Life Bliss with Sarah Carlos.

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