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How to Thrive in Content Creation

I’m a content creator myself. As most of you know, I am a Finance Coach and I’m literally everywhere! I’m on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube.

I started my content creation with Tiktok to give valuable content about finance and life. My mission is centered on inspiring possibilities and spreading bliss. Gladly, I grew my social media presence while fulfilling my mission.

But my story to stardom was not a bed of roses—thorns were mixed in it, and I knew that I had to endure.

To share more with the world on what it’s like being a content creator and what it takes to become one, I invited one of my favorite Tiktok influencers, Julienne Ipapo, in a Quarter Life Bliss episode to talk about all the relatable stuff about creating content. Yen is a friend of mine that I got to know through Tiktok, and like me, we were on the same boat of thriving content creators wandering in the virtual world.

Here are some things we’ve discussed on how we grew ourselves and what we did to become successful in what we do:

  1. Know yourself- The first step in successful content creation is fully knowing ourselves. We must be clear of who we are, our personalities, interests, and values. What will we show the world if we don’t know a single thing about ourselves?

  2. Align your content with your values and interest- After knowing ourselves fully, it’s time to plan what content we want to produce. Lifestyle, fitness, finance, or anything! The secret is to align everything with our values and interests. We can’t talk about something we are not masters of.

  3. Set intentions- Intentions help us know what we want. Why do we want to create content? Who are we doing this for?

  4. Be open to failure and learn from it- Content creation is just like any other career path; a series of ups, downs, successes, and failures. Our intentions will motivate us to push through and learn from our failures.

  5. Find the balance- Social media can be draining. It is also helpful to find the balance between other things we do and creating content. It shouldn’t feel like a chore!

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