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How to Build Better Habits and Routines

Scrolling through Tiktok, Instagram, or even Facebook, I noticed how people are slowly building healthy routines to make their life easier and healthier. This is such an inspiring thing to watch because I am a also fan of the morning, evening, or everyday routines.

I’ve always looked at routines more than just the consistent thing we do every day, but more of a lifestyle I create to help me manifest the life I want to live.

One of my friends in the financial industry, MJ Aoki, is someone whom I also look up to when it comes to routines. She is who I consider “That Girl” who wakes up at 5 in the morning to meditate, exercise, and be productive within her day. She now shares some tips on how to build healthy and sustainable routines that I never thought would help me create mine.

Bad Habits or Bad Decisions?

According to MJ, there’s no such thing as Bad Habits—only Bad Decisions at the moment. This mindset shift allows us to not anchor our whole being or our identity to the bad or unhealthy things we did. At the moment, it was not the best choice we could’ve chosen, but in the future when we know better, we can change by being intentional about the activities we choose to do and not to do.

When I made peace with my dark side, that’s when I started to have breakthroughs

The way to tap into our souls is by simply accepting and raising our awareness of the fact that we can’t always know it all and the decisions we make might not be the best but we also need to have that intention to change.

Intentionality starts with the discipline of the body and knowing that we’re stronger than our excuses. Setting the intention to change and make better decisions comes from that strong will to change our life. It all starts with us and our intention to be better.

If you don’t choose to change yourself for the better, you will have greater prices to pay—your mental health, your relationships, and your life.

How to build healthy habits and routines?

  1. Make a structure- Build a structure within our day that we can easily follow. Start by making the first hour of the day connecting to our Highest Source and the last hour of the day connecting with ourselves. The structure comes like a sandwich that enables us to start and end our day in the best way possible.

  2. Build habits that serve your Body, Mind, and Soul- In our structure, we can put tasks or schedule a time for us to focus on our body (exercise and physical activities), mind (learning something new), and soul (meditating and devotion). Doing this will give us massive internal and even external results.

  3. Train yourself to be consistent and disciplined- Starting a routine is hard, but consistency is even harder. Be disciplined and train our minds and bodies to push through every day and make a 1% change.

  4. Experiment with different practices- Find what works for you. When it comes to crafting your routine, it’s okay to take inspiration from other people, but you do you, I do me. You know yourself best.

  5. Have an accountability buddy- Two is better than one. Call a friend and ask them if they want to start building a habit with you! We don’t have to do it alone.

Habits take 66 consistent days before it becomes your autopilot. Choose to be consistent.

In building habits and routines, temptations come easily. It is one of the challenges when we start to choose ourselves—we are constantly tested to make bad decisions again and go back to the idle life we’ve been living. It’s a normal urge, but fighting it takes a huge decision to stand for what you believe in. We have the power to choose what is for and what is not for us. That’s our advantage.

Be in congruence with yourself and your word.

Habits can make or break us. It can define our character and how we take control of our life. It is a matter of time that we start building better ones to make and create the life we want.

Listen to the full podcast here: QLB Episode with MJ Aoki

Follow MJ on her socials: @mjaoki

Follow me on my socials: @coachyanimoya @quarterlifeblisspodcast


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