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Finding peace in a storm-like life

Peace: freedom from disturbance

In a world full of chaos, peace does not seem to exist. How is there peace when people are dying from a virus? How is there peace when our career is taking a toll on us? How is peace more than just a concept?

Truly, peace feels like a dream never to come true. But what feels like an illusion is real—peace is possible! Finding it is what’s difficult. How can we thrive in a storm-like life and be storm-proof instead?

For Faith Corpuz, finding and protecting her peace means having more time for herself and her Highest Source.

How to choose peace in a not-so-peaceful world:

  1. Take a break - Whether it is social media or anything that takes too much of our energy, let’s take a pause. Doing this can help us mindfully live and give us peace knowing that our energy is protected and recharged.

  2. Go to your Source of peace- It’s okay to admit that we need help. In times of chaos, going and connecting to our Source of peace can help us anchor our strength on Him.

  3. Stay on the NOW- We don’t have to deal with what’s gonna happen in the next hour or the day after; we simply can’t control it. Focusing on the now gives us the freedom from anxiety and gives us the happiness from enjoying the present.

  4. Spend time with loved ones- No doubt, this one is a proven way to help us cope during hard times. We could approach our friends, our parents, our siblings, or anyone who makes us feel loved.

  5. Learn to let go- When things are out of our control, we don’t need to push it even further. Let go and Let God.

Don’t wait ‘til you’re burnout before making self-care a priority.

Life has its way of throwing us rocks and mud. It is a way for us to become mentally stronger to face more battles in the future and to help us let go of control to our Highest Source. Not every battle is ours to fight.

During our fight towards finding peace, we will struggle and constantly try to fight every negativity. But is it also possible to stay emotionally positive during a crisis?

How to practice positivity even when struggling:

  1. Do not attach your identity to the situation- Life happens TO us and not FOR us. No matter what current problems or situations we have, it does not define us as humans. We may have failed in something, but we did not fail as a person.

  2. Learn from every experience- When we go through a situation, we either come from a place of complaints or regrets; if we change the way we look at our situations and come from a place of learning, we can then be more able to get through anything.

  3. Try to not complain but instead be grateful- Gratitude helps in changing the way we look at our situation. Switching our language from “Why is this happening to me?” to “Thank you because...” will block all negativity coming our way. Trust me, it works.

Throughout our existence, we will have troubles and struggles along the way. It gets harder each time, but peace will prevail even in a what seems to be a hopeless and chaotic world at times. Listen to the full episode of Quarter-Life Bliss with Faith Corpuz here.

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