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Can you still change careers in your 20s?

We don’t always know it all about our life — even the careers and the paths we would take.

Shifting career paths is often a hard conversation for us Filipinos because we think it’s a waste of time, money, and energy. But the truth is, it’s okay to do something entirely new and turn your life around.

In the last season of Quarter-Life Bliss, I had Sarah Carlos (my new co-host in the latest season!) as my guest. We had a deep conversation on our stories of changing career paths. My story as an engineering graduate to a full-time financial coach and Sarah’s story as an accountancy graduate to a content creator is the inspiration for this relevant episode because many people have that ick inside them to start something new and shift paths!

Here’s a lesson from us: IT’S OKAY! No matter the investment you made in your previous job, starting from zero and working on your happiness MIGHT be the best decision you will ever make.

Practical-wise, changing paths might also have effects on our finances. For example, quitting a job that puts food on our table might be costly. That’s why here are some tips before making that big decision of shifting careers!

  1. Have a backup plan- We still need to have a safety net in case nothing goes our way at first. Know that we still have to be smart in our pursuit of happiness.

  2. Aim for progress, not perfection- Starting from scratch is being a beginner. And that’s fine! The end goal is to progress and become better and not be perfect.

  3. Be brave- Some still have that “sayang” mindset. It’s sayang to pursue a business because you’re finishing a law degree. It’s sayang to be a full-time content creator because you already have a paying job. It’s always sayang, but the question about our happiness is never brought up. It’s okay to do it.

  4. Just do it- Stop thinking about it and start to do something about it. You could be in the same job in 5 years and still think about starting a food business, or you could have a thriving food business in 5 years and think about how grateful you are for taking action.

However old or young you are, the best gift you would give yourself is deciding to find your bliss and do something you LOVE.

Enjoyed this? Listen to the full episode here!

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