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'As above, so below': How to efficiently lead

As an adult, our second home is our workplace, and our second family is our colleagues—dealing with this every day means building genuine connections and maintaining a blissful space. To achieve this, good leadership is the secret.

Governing a team, a company, or a group takes dedication and a heart of service. But what practices can we do to cultivate a healthy space for our team?

  1. Get to know your members- Connection is everything. To work with people you do not know on a deeper level is much like working alone.

  2. Have an ‘as above, so below’ mindset- What is seen and practiced in the top-level management should trickle down below. We have to decide, as leaders, on what we want to become or what kind of leadership do we want to embody. This will say a lot about how the team or the company will be under our leadership.

  3. Bring the best out of people- Our job is not to teach and dictate to everyone what to do like robots! But what we really should be doing is guiding them and bringing out their fullest potential. Everyone can contribute, but the problem is who allows or restricts them from making it. Allow them to shine!

  4. Check-in on your members- Ask them to honestly tell you how they are feeling, make efforts to support everyone, and ultimately be someone they can lean on. Our colleagues are humans too.

  5. Allow people to make mistakes- Making mistakes is part of growing up. Allow them to be responsible and own up to their mistakes instead of condemning them.

With all these tips and how-to steps in becoming an effective leader, it is still not enough to describe how a safe space for work should be. For Mara Javier, CEO of Pino Studios and Mi Camara, a perfect workplace would have and uphold values that make it a conducive space for her team members.

Positive, Productive, and Self-actualized.

These three are the values every workplace should have to come close to being a perfectly safe and healthy space. Being positive means giving a hundred percent of our energy into our work. Positivity shows when we are genuinely connecting with our colleagues; when we make and learn from our mistakes; and when we are excited to work and be creative. Productivity isn’t always about doing many things, but it is about doing all things excellently and efficiently. Self-actualized is all about self-awareness, independence, and self-belief. It is about knowing what and where we excel at and acknowledging what we still don’t know so we can use it to grow.

Even if we’re not leading a whole company, these values and tips are still great to incorporate into the leadership style we use. Having these will make us better humans and lead our team effectively. A safe and healthy workspace or environment helps in bringing out our creativity and helps everyone work enthusiastically.

Being a leader is a huge responsibility. Taking charge and being the older sibling of the team can be overwhelming especially when we’re just starting. So how can we BE the leader we want to be?

  1. Get to know yourself- It takes a lot of self-awareness and little to no pride to lead a team. Describe the leader you want to be and act like it.

  2. Have confidence- Believe that you can be a good leader and see that you are capable of leading.

  3. Have a growth mentality- We are leaders in our own way, but we can also learn from others or ask for help when necessary. Be open for feedback; we don’t know it all.

Work is fun when you’re working with the right people and when the space you work in is healthy. If you want to know more about how to step into leadership and cultivate a healthy workspace, listen to this Quarter-Life Bliss with Mara Javier.

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