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Ageless Leadership: Breaking Stereotypes with Cleo Loque

Age is just a number not in romantic relationships but leadership.

Leadership doesn’t come with a terms and conditions brochure that tells us what age is appropriate for someone to lead. It is for everyone, no matter what gender or age.

To prove that age is just a number, I invited Cleo Loque, an 18-year old college student on my podcast. She is the woman behind the advocacy-driven brand Hiraya Pilipina, and host of the top podcast called Kuwentuhang Pilipina. Her journey towards success is something I find inspiring and worth admiring.

Being young in business means dealing with breaking age and gender stereotypes. But, being young is not a liability but an asset! Here are 3 reasons I learned from this college entrepreneur on why it pays to be young in entrepreneurship:

  1. A lot of room to fail and learn- In business and other fields, being young means having more time to gain experiences, fail, and learn from them. The mistakes we make in our youth will empower us as we grow older.

  2. Brighter and innovative ideas- Being the millennial or the Gen-Z kid in the space means that the ideas we could offer are fresher, brighter, and more inclusive. These ideas stem from our creative view of the world we live in.

  3. Easy to connect with people- I believe that the youth can literally connect with anyone and everyone. The ability, energy, and eagerness to be with like-minded people will help us learn from them too.

Age is just a number in leadership. Anyone can be anything, no matter how young or how old we are. To successfully be successful, there are qualities that excellence possesses that we should embody too.

  1. Strong and brave- To excel and fully step into leadership, it is a prerequisite that we are strong to face any obstacles we may encounter.

  2. Risk-taker- In business or becoming successful in general, a mind that calculates risk is also a must-have. Knowing what risks we should and should not take can make or break us.

  3. A leader by nature- Stepping into leadership means that we have an understanding of what being a leader means. It is not about being above others but helping others be the best they can be.

Don’t dim yourself. The world needs your light.

Even if we are young or old, we are capable of doing something extraordinary. Go out and make the world a better place.

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